Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation is the practice of analyzing, documenting, optimizing and then automating business processes.
The business process is the flow of information, modified by value-added tasks, that begins with the first contact with a prospective customer and continues through delivery of a finished product. Well-developed business processes can create a seamless link from initial customer interface through the supply chain. Automation of those processes improves the accuracy of the information transferred and ensures the repeatability of the value-added tasks performed.

Business process automation, or BPA is the use of "technology components to substitute and/or supplement manual processes to manage information flow within an organization to lower costs, reduce risk, and increase consistency."
- JavaWorld

Additionally, the role of management for any business is to maximize their shareholders' ROI (Return On Investment). In order to achieve these goals, firms must identify any unncessary amount of work and eliminate ineffienct labor. Consequently, many firms turn to custom software as their solution.

There are two options that a company is faced with if it decides to utilize software to faciliate certain business processes: hire a developer on board or hire software consultants.