For Complex Business Issues

Custom Software

Applied Knowledge Solutions creates custom software applications to address your most complex business issues. When off-the-shelf products are either insufficient or do not yet exist, our personalized software consulting services can provide the perfect solution. These unique applications benefit our clients by:
  • Providing applications that meet the specific needs of their business, not just the industry standard
  • Providing applications that are practical and flexible
  • Making data available via the internet to any location
  • Providing solutions when no store-bought application will suffice
Applied Knowledge Solutions designs custom software solutions to automate lengthy and repetitive tasks such as copying and pasting, importing and exporting accounting data and spreadsheets from one platform to another. By creating programs to automate repetitious and cumbersome tasks, our clients benefit through the following ways:
  • Fewer hours spent on mundane assignments
  • Experts free to solve other complex business problems
  • Engineers free to analyze data rather than running batches of reports

Custom Software Development Experience

Applied Knowledge Solutions has custom software development experience in:
  • Web application development
  • Web portals
  • Database programming
  • Data modeling and conversion
  • Systems integration
  • E-commerce functionality
  • Content Management
  • User-interface improvements
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Modification and maintenance to current applications

Custom Software Technologies

Applied Knowledge Solutions develops custom software applications using the following Microsoft Technologies:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • SQL Server

Software Audit

Applied Knowledge Solution's Professional Software Audit is designed to measure the overall quality of a software application. Our software consultants take an in-depth look at your application then document and assess the contents on a number of parameters. Having your system evaluated will allow you to make informed decisions on what software development needs are most important to enhancing company performance.

Software Audit Scorecard
A "scorecard" calculates a percentage score ranging from completely unusable (0%) to extremely high quality intellectual property (100%). The scorecard is presented in two sections: a technical scoring and a business scoring. The scorings are two ways of looking at the same results and each is targeted at a different audience (technical and business).

Technical Scoring Parameters

  • Architecture
  • Development Practices
  • User Interface
  • Application Code
  • Database
  • Security
  • Documentation

Business Scoring Parameters

  • Quality
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Maintainability
It is important to recognize that this "scorecard" requires very high standards to achieve scores above 70%. Many businesses will find a good cost-benefit ratio at a score that is well below 100%. Due to the rigorous scoring methodology, it is crucial to read and understand the details behind the scoring to understand the significance of the software evaluation's findings to one's business.

Owners of software applications should understand the trade-offs involved in various design decisions. Some design considerations may not be significant for one business and critical to another. In general, Applied Knowledge Solution believes that certain fundamental software architecture principles should apply to all applications. Each application may be customized with respect to its level of sophistication in certain areas (e.g., user interface or security) to achieve a reasonable cost-benefit balance. Applied Knowledge Solution strives to be objective and in doing so applies the same scoring methodology to all applications without respect to the individual cost-benefit trade-offs that may or may not apply in specific cases.

Software Consulting

Applied Knowledge Solutions provides expert software consulting services. Whether you are looking to buy or build a software program for your business, our professional software expert advisory services will include an array of scenario-targeted services which all drive our value points of sales, profit, productivity, loyalty and morale.

Our Professional Software Consultants will start discussing your software needs on the level of the decision-making process where you are presently. Some individuals may need software while others may already have an appropriate software application.

Buy Vs. Build
For those who need software, the first question is often whether to buy or build a custom software application. If you are unsure, our Professional Software Consultants will assist you in a needs analysis, business process study and documentation overview to give you insight as to whether buying or building would be the best solution for you.


Our Professional Software Consultants help individuals buy the right software by drawing up selection criteria, solution identification, vendor selection and a timeline definition. With this in hand, we then perform a Total Cost of Ownership analysis to ensure that you are getting the most value and highest return on investment from the software you select.

Integrate - Off-the-shelf software applications may have the features you are looking for, but may be incompatible with other applications that are part of your business. In this case, our Professional Software Consultants would discuss how we could integrate the two systems together. We would begin by performing a corporate systems middleware evaluations to determine how best to proceed with the integration.

Customize - The software application you purchase may have a variety of features, but lack the one or two features critical to your business process. In this scenario, our Professional Software Consultants would do a functionality gap analysis to identify what functions are missing and how to customize the application to meet your needs.


For individuals who have a specific design or functionality in mind and decide to build a custom software application we also have a detailed software consulting plan of action. The process begins with requirements gathering, scope definition and specification development. The next phase involves solution design, architecture and implementation, followed by documentation and maintenance of the finished project.

Software Audit
For individuals who already own software, Applied Knowledge Solutions can provide consulting services in the form of a Software Audit. We developed our own Software Scorecard to help evaluate the effectiveness and security of software and database applications. Our Professional Software Consultants review your software or database application line-by-line of code, calculate its "Score", and review the findings with you.